Setup and Help

Table of Contents

What is needed. 1

What is supported at Progressive. 1

Using the Horizon Client 2

Troubleshooting. 4

What is needed

Horizon Client- Is a client that needs to be installed on the machine you wish to work from.

       Internally Ė Progressive has installed this on all Progressive Machines

       Externally - VMware supports several different platforms. It can be downloaded here.

What is supported at Progressive

While there are several systems that this solution should work on (full list can be found here), Progressive engineering only tests the most common setups.We support the following options through our Progressive Support Center:

       Windows 10

       Mac OSX: Current version of the OS or one version behind (N-1)

       iOS: Current Version of the OS or one version behind (N-1)

       Android: Current Version of the OS or one version behind (N-1)

Although other options noted in the link above should work, we are not testing upgrades against them; support on anything other than the bulleted options above is best effort.

Using the Horizon Client

1.   Open the Horizon Client

2.   Select the server environment to connect to.

a.   When working from a Progressive machine, the server is MYVPC.PRCI.COM

b.   When working from a Personal Machine, the server is

If that isnít there, select the +New Server to add it.

3.   Authenticate Ė After double-clicking on the server you will need to enter your Progressive LAN credentials.If you have permission to work on a personal device, youíll be challenged with a phone call to enter your PIN as well.

4.   Run Application - After Authenticating, youíll see all applications you have access to use. You can run one or more of the applications by double-clicking on them from the Horizon Client.


The Horizon Client will now setup the connection for your application or VM.You should see the following taking place as it connects and prepares to present your selection:


Iím on a Progressive PC and I canít find the Horizon Client in my Start Menu

On occasion, we find that a Progressive machine has been missed in the software deployment process.To correct this, please go to the Progressive Shopping Center in Lotus Notes and enter a Desktop Software Request to have the software added to your machine.

My Horizon Client tries to launch an application and just goes away.

If you are on a personal machine, it is possible you have some corruption with your Horizon Client install.Delete the app and reinstall it.

If you need additional assistance

Please contact the Progressive IT Service Desk at 1-888-746-4500.Be sure to let them know that your issue occurred when accessing the VMware Presented Apps environment over Horizon.